Integrated Automation Systems
4 Benefits of An Integrated Automation System
June 16, 2021

From greater efficiency to better communication, there’s a variety of advantages when it comes to integrated automation systems. This type of system involves placing your entire manufacturing process into a central automation point that is coordinated and controlled by a computer. Essentially, it allows your equipment to communicate with other operating machinery in your facility without the help of an operator. Without this type of system, managing your manufacturing process can become difficult and inefficient. 

Here are four benefits of an integrated automation system.

1.) Energy Savings

A major plus of integrated automation is the ability to reduce energy consumption. Through monitoring certain aspects such as temperature changes or making immediate adjustments to areas that require it, you can reap a considerable amount of energy savings by addressing parts of your manufacturing that may be consuming an unnecessary level of energy. 

2.) Insightful Data Collection 

The amount of data collected in an integrated system is extensive and includes information such as power outages, underperforming facilities, and regular maintenance. This data is important because it not only gives you an overall view of your manufacturing but it’s also a helpful guide in making better decisions because you’ll gain insight into areas of your facility you would’ve otherwise missed.

3.) Quality Improvement

No matter what type of manufacturing you may be doing, every facility is required to meet certain quality standards. Various sensors including temperature checks and quantity weighers act as quality checks throughout the process, which helps the system react faster to defects. Checks such as these also improve accuracy by revealing and eliminating defective products.

4.) Time to Market Acceleration

Accelerating your time to market can be a huge advantage when it comes to staying ahead of your competitors. An integrated system can optimize your workflow through improvements in the communication and scheduling between various parts of your facility. It also automates the processes required to produce your product, which will help minimize downtime and further speed your time to market. 

Given the various types of integrated automation systems you can choose from, selecting the right system can be a difficult process. If you’re looking to integrate your system or interested in how Outbound Technologies can help, fill out a form here and we’ll get back to you shortly.