Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation Trends to Look for this Year
May 28, 2021

The industrial automation industry is constantly evolving every year, and with the introduction of the pandemic, there’s been a greater shift in the way manufacturers operate. You may be wondering how exactly COVID-19 has affected manufacturing. Despite some of the disruptive changes that have swept through the industry, there is still a bright road ahead.

Here are some automation trends you may want to consider for your operations this year.

1.) Shift to Remote Operations

Like many other industries, the industrial automation industry has seen an increase in the use of remote operations, and this type of work structure is expected to continue even after the pandemic ends. With this form of operating, it’s important to use the correct tools that allow your employees to stay connected while creating as much real-time visibility and control as possible for regular operations. Implementing a remote element provides a safer working environment and helps improve task efficiency. 

2.) Greater Investment in The Internet of Things

Technologies such as smart sensors and cloud connectivity are just some systems included in automation and it gives you access to insightful data on how you can improve and change various parts of your manufacturing process. In short, it allows you to connect and monitor different parts of operations. Investing in this network offers benefits such as saving money, ease of creating new products, improvement in safety, and the ability to streamline manufacturing. 

3.) Sustainable Productions

Producing sustainably has already been a growing trend, but there’s a greater level of pressure this year, specifically from both consumers and the government, to incorporate more sustainable productions. Many existing policies to decarbonize have been reinforced by the pandemic, and there are some companies who are already jumping on this trend or with plans to initiate it.

4.) Increase of Autonomous Operations

Due to new standards in open process automation and digital advances, the use of autonomous operations has grown. Given the improvement of business value and greater opportunities for safer and flawless operations, it’s become an appealing option for many manufacturers. There are some concerns regarding the replication of human characteristics in these systems, but this can be combated with the implementation of historical data and artificial intelligence applications into the equipment.

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