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Outbound Technologies Case Studies

We work closely with our customers to create the industrial automation controls and manufacturing automation systems required to make their processes simpler. We can customize each of our solutions to the specifications of each customer, giving businesses the full flexibility to integrate a control system that will produce the best results. Read on to see the impact that Outbound Technologies has made various industuries. 

Life Science Case Studies

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Food & Beverage Case Studies

Manufacture Commissions Spiral Freezer

The purpose of this project was to provide the electrical drawings, PLC/HMI software design, panel built, and commissioning for a new spiral freezer control system. The objective was to provide the customer …

Consumer Products Case Studies

CatPak™ eBeam Finishing System

CatPak™ is the full solution for coating and curing 30-inch flexible packaging films utilizing eBeam technology. EBeam is the state-of-the-art, high-demand finishing option for fast, clean, food-safe flex-pack films. CatPak™ brings all the key components …

High Speed Glass Tube Inspector

The purpose of this project was to provide a means of 100% inspection of varying sized glass tubes at a high rate of speed, up to 2,400 parts per minute. The customer desired to deploy a vision inspection system that was capable of inspecting the end quality …

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Printing & Converting

OTI supplies various printing and converting services like web transportation, tension control, winding, registration, flexographic and gravure printing, coating, drying / curing, lamination, slitting, die cutting, sheeting, solvent / LEL Monitoring, and retrofits.

Data Collection & Analysis

OTI provides a variety of data collection and analysis services including manufacturing intelligence, serialization & traceability, product genealogy, predictive analytics, OEE and Fault analysis, and customized applications with .Net, SQL, Oracle, HTML, OPC, etc.

Outbound Brochure Safety

OTI provides a myriad of safety services such as machine safety, turnkey mitigation including controls and mechanical guarding, safety programs (LOTO), annual audits, and industry leading software for customized risk assessment and validation.

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